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Rob Drabkin

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"I'm pretty sure no other performer at the festival had more hair on his head than Rob Drabkin. The afro-headed acoustic guitar player cuts a memorable image to people who see him perform for the first time. He busted out his trademark flip flop rock tunes to an adoring crowd. In fact, after the third song, Rob and his band were pulling in inquisitive newbies like a moth to a flame." - Westword Magazine, Mile High Music Festival Review.

Rob Drabkin is a native of Denver, CO. His Mom had him take piano lessons at 5. That only lasted for a few months. At 11, Rob got lucky and scored an electric guitar from his parents. He and his older sister would sneak Metallica and Guns N Roses cassettes into the house. They loved listening to this "forbidden" music and Rob learned all of the guitar parts on both cassettes note for note. Soon after, Rob found himself playing Rhythm Guitar in Jazz Band in middle school. Learning a tune like "Giant Steps" by John Coltrane was a lot different than playing Heavy Metal anthems "Welcome to The Jungle" and "Enter Sandman". Rob loved what he was hearing though and stuck with it. Now he say's, "I started to really love Jazz and especially playing with a horn section...

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Artist Profile:

Genre: Rock, Blues, AAA

Location: Denver, CO

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